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Traumatic dental injuries need attention right away. A chip or fracture of a tooth could be obvious and something you are immediately aware of. In other cases, it can occur subtly and you only notice it when symptoms appear. What matters most is that the moment you realize that something is wrong, you should be sure to make prompt arrangements to see our 43338 dentist, Stephen W. Ritz, DDS.

The symptoms that will typically grab your attention that your tooth is damaged or a toothache, and/or sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. How is the chipped or fractured tooth diagnosed? Our 43338 dentist will physically examine and visually inspect the tooth, but it takes x-rays to really determine what is going on with the tooth. As an added bonus, our office features digital radiography, which has two important benefits. First, it provides remarkably detailed images from which an evaluation can be made. Second, there is far less exposure to radiation, a feature that is always welcome. In many cases, all you will need is a dental crown. This is accomplished by taking impressions of your tooth that are then given to our trusted dental lab. What they make is a permanent crown, for which you will make a return trip to our office to have fitted. Don’t worry, though. Your tooth will be protected in the meantime. Our 43338 dentist places a temporary crown designed to shield the tooth. If the tooth becomes infected, you’ll need root canal therapy to remedy it. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to have the procedure done. Advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment have led to most of our patients telling us that they had no discomfort at all, or very little, during the treatment.

Just place a call to our office and we will have you seen right away for examination, evaluation, and treatment of your dental trauma.

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